Deer Point

Tough day on Deer Point lake this past Sunday. Front passed through the area around 8:30 and shut my fish down. Managed 4 keepers on top water and lots of small ones before it shut down. Wind picked up to a steady 15MPH from the Northwest and fishing became difficult with the blue bird skies. The winning fish came unbuttoned at the boat, it just wasn’t meant to be. Searched several new areas of the

April tournament ramp location

Deer Point Lake launch ramp has been changed from Highpoint ramp to Ira Hutchison Park Boat Ramp on the west shore near the dam. Launch relocated due to expected strong south west winds. This should ease launching and loading.

Custom Baits

I’m going to start a Blog about painting custom lures, maybe someone will get something out of it or see something they like. I posted a couple of pics on my latest projects and welcome constructive criticism. I’ve only been doing this a couple of months so go easy on me. lol This is the Frosty craw, derived the name because of the white and black veins and ice blue eyes. Open blog post to